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How To Fold Your Suit to Avoid Wrinkles Traveling

Traveling with your suit can be an unavoidable fact of life for some men. Often, this comes with facing the frustrations of figuring out how to pack a suit so that it looks just as good as it did before you checked your bag. As suit connoisseurs, we can relate, and you’re not alone. Many, many men look for answers to solve this problem, our customers included, like Jason.L who asks, “I’m wondering how to pack a suit in a suitcase without it looking like wrinkled tissue paper when I get to my hotel.”

Let’s be honest, there are enough problems to face while traveling, so let’s make this one easy. Learning how to pack a suit is simple, that is, once you have the folding part down. We’ve broken down how we fold our suits for travel into an easy, four-step process.

The 4 Steps to Easily Pack a Suit

Step 1
The first step to packing a suit begins while holding the suit jacket upright. With the jacket at attention, pop in one of the shoulders and pull it inside-out as seen below (some choose to pull the entire sleeve inside out as well, but this is not necessary).

Step 2:
After that, you will want to fold in the opposite shoulder into the one previously popped inside-out until the entire length of the lapel is lined up nicely. Understanding how to pack a suit means realizing that in order to work with a small space like a suitcase, these alignments need to be clean, so make sure the lapel is, indeed, lined up.

hand holding up a suit jacket showing how to fold a suit jacket

Step 3:
Then, fold the suit jacket vertically so that everything is lined up to the width of one shoulder. Again, make sure that when you’re folding your suit for travel that these alignments are perfect in order to mitigate wrinkles.

Step 4: 
The last step when folding your suit jacket for travel is to fold the jacket horizontally in half so that the top of the shoulders is lined up with the bottom edge of the jacket. After that, all you need to do is simply place your suit jacket inside whatever container you’re using to travel!

hand holding up a suit jacket folding the shoulder portion of the suit jacket

arms holding up a folded suit jacket

Good to Go!

There you have it, you now know how to pack a suit with the correct folding technique! That’s how to pack a suit in a suitcase Black Lapel style. The suit jacket is now ready to pack. Fold your pants along the crease and your suit should come out looking just as fresh at your destination as it did at your departure! Incidentally, this is also how your suit arrives fresh out of the Black Lapel box.

A Final Note About Packing a Suit

No matter how well you master folding your suit the way we’ve shown, you may still have slight wrinkles in your suit jacket when you arrive at your destination. No matter, as there are easy ways to solve any slight wrinkling (if any occurred). The simplest way is to hang your suit jacket in your bathroom while you’re running the shower, allowing the steam trapped inside the bathroom to correct any leftover wrinkles you may have.

folded suit jacket on top of a wooden surface

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