beyond black tie HEADER
Rules are good. Without them, we’d have chaos. But every now and then, it’s fun to break them. With New Year’s Eve coming up, it’s the perfect time to shake up your tux look by breaking a few black tie rules. How do you experiment stylishly? The guide below will help you zig when everybody else zags.


Navy Tuxedo

Royal Tuxedo Black Shawl Tuxedo Peak Tuxedo

Twill Shirt

Hidden Placket Shirt Ribbed Tux Shirt Classic Wing Tip Brooks Brothers Cummerbund Burberry London Knitted Silk Bow Tie Hugo Boss Bow Tie Swiss Movement Watch Black Onyx Cuff Links Monk Straps Ralph Lauren Velvet Slippers Opera Pumps Black Patent Pumps

Got a special way to zig when others zag in a black tie getup? Leave a comment below.