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Black Lapel Reviews

We could go on and on about how great our men’s custom suits are and how easy it is to find your Flawless Fit at Black Lapel, but why hear it from us? If you’re looking for a Black Lapel review from an independent menswear expert, look no further. We’ve compiled a few honest reviews from around the web.

Review 1: Jason P. at Dappered.com

Men's custom navy blue suit

Jason reviewed our Core Navy suit, a timeless classic in menswear.

Jason reviewed a navy blue custom men’s suit from our core collection.

During the order process, Jason definitely knew how to add some fun to the measuring process. He noted, “if you were ever interested, or looking for an excuse to measure your biceps – here’s your chance.”

However, he also recommended “trust[ing] the walkthrough on the Black Lapel website, and enter[ing] your measurements exactly.” We have to agree: we’ve built an algorithm based on thousands of perfect suits, and that’s why we always promise a Flawless Fit.

Jason shared concerns about packaging and the quality of fabrics, but we’ve made some updates with his feedback in mind. We’ve launched new signature and house suiting mills, partnered with a new state-of-the-art workshop, and switched to boxes for our suit packaging. Thanks for your Black Lapel Review, Jason!

Review 2: Charles-Philippe at Bespoke Unit

Charles-Philippe also tried our core navy wool, and gave Black Lapel a 5-star rating for his experience. Charles-Philippe highlighted the easy sizing process, the quality, and the immediate fit out of the box. “As soon as it arrived, I tried the suit on immediately and I was impressed by just how well it fit!” Thanks for that glowing review of Black Lapel and our fit process, Charles-Philippe!

Charles took full advantage of the customization process with his pick stitching and contrast button holes. At Black Lapel, we always strive to offer a broad range of customizations to ensure you find your uniqe style. See something you want on your suit, but it isn’t on the website? Reach out, as we might be able to help!

men's custom suit pick stitching

We love when our clients select pick stitching. It adds yet another sign of hand-made craftsmanship in your custom suit!

Review 3: Khoi Nguyen at Gent Within

We love this Black Lapel reivew from Khoi because he got to experience our showroom. His experience with Jason at our showroom led to a 5-star experience too!

We love when our clients can visit one of our showrooms in New York, Denver, or Boston because we have expert stylists at the ready to help with fit, styling, and other pain points. We love getting to know our clients and providing a custom experience as unique as they are. How do you think we’ve compiled so many Black Lapel reviews?

Khoi’s review of Black Lapel also mentioned excellent fit off the bat. When you come to a Black Lapel showroom, you’ll always meet with a full-time, expertly trained stylist–we never rely on poorly trained, part-time talent when looking your best is so critical.

With a 9.5/10 review of Black Lapel from Khoi, we’re stoked to have another happy client.

Review 4: Jake at Modern Fellows

Jake has long been a friend of Black Lapel, but that has never stopped him from providing honest, independent feedback on his suit over the years. He’s diligently updated his Black Lapel review over time, which is very helpful when considering your men’s custom suiting options. What good is a suit if it falls apart within a year?

Modern Fellows Black Lapel review image

Jake was kind enough to provide an image we could share of his dark grey Black Lapel suit.

Fortunately, Jake has very positive things to say about the long term wearability of his Black Lapel custom suits. In fact, with several suits in his rotation, Jake agrees that “Black Lapel has fulfilled [their] promise several times over and produced suits that feel complete, personal, and like a suit ought to fit — much more than the sum of its parts.”

Jake has succinctly summed up our mission of helping men start dressing better. We really do believe that every Black Lapel review is incomplete without mentioning the personal touch each client receives!

Review 5: Justin at Modest Man

We would be remiss to not include this in-depth review from a site featuring gentlement of modest stature. Justin actually came to us during a campaign he called the “Fit Challenge” where he asked several MTM suit options to finally make him a suit that fits. As someone 5’2″ weighing 145 pounds with with a 40 inch chest and 24 inch inseam, he thought he could trip us up! Guess again.

Of course, we pride ourselves on being able to fit every body type, but this review is a great example of how custom can achieve a a level of fit for shorter men that off-the-rack never will. Justin goes in depth about how different proportions can be (literally) tailored in order to fit his unique frame, and has a blast with our in-house photographer around the city, showing off his look. Thanks for letting us get some great shots of that suit, Justin!

Justin's Review of Black Lapel for Modest Man

Justin showing off his suit from his “Fit Challenge” for Modest Man. Looking sharp!

Conclusion on our Black Lapel Reviews

These are just some of the Black Lapel reviews from around the web, but we’re not shy about sharing more. Tired of reading, and want to just kick back and enjoy a video review by vlogger and social media personality The Kavalier? You can also enjoy some brilliant content from Euro-focused reviewer and menswear afficionado Kinowear. We don’t just do custom suits either, so check out this review of our outwear collection. And how about a review from The Second Button, who wasn’t thrilled initially, but grew to love his suit once he experienced the benefits of canvassing and spending time in your suit.

The best part of these reviews of Black Lapel is that they have all provided invaluable feedback from some of our most expert peers. The only way that we can continue to grow is through honest, open feedback, and for that, we thank you. Here’s to helping build the best darn menswear brand on the internet!

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