The Flawless Fit Promise

First things first—want to ask a specialist anything about the Black Lapel process, style, construction, fabrics or anything else you can imagine?

We’re proud to offer industry-leading response times from our experienced, in-house team of specialists when you email

Alterations & Remakes in NYC

Receive your order and think you need some tweaks? Book an alteration appointment at our Madison Square Park store and we’ll take a look.

We’ll handle any necessary changes completely on the house—but keep in mind, it may take up to 4 weeks to complete. Be sure to let us know of any sensitive timelines you have.

Of course, we’ll also update your sizing and record all changes for future orders to ensure you receive a consistently excellent fit.

Need your order completed faster? Follow the remote process below.

Alterations & Remakes Remotely

Receive your order and think you need some tweaks? Send three photos of you wearing your new garments to, and we’ll give an expert second opinion.

If we determine your garments need to be remade, we’ll share with you the adjustments we suspect are necessary to fix the fit issues, confirm that you’re in agreement, and submit a remake order for you with updated sizing to be completed in our standard turnaround time.

If we think your garments can be altered to achieve your Flawless Fit, we’ll provide specific adjustments that we would recommend, and you can visit your favorite local tailor armed with some guidelines (or you can just download our Alterations Form and take it into your own hands).

Regardless of whether you’d like our suggestions or not, you must complete an Alterations Form and request an itemized receipt from your tailor so we can refund you for your costs. We’ll reimburse you up to $75 on your first jacket, and $50 on your first trousers and first shirt when you send us the completed form and your receipt.

If you are unable to provide these items that are necessary to update your fit, or if we feel our alterations program has been abused, we reserve the right to provide store credit as an alternate form of reimbursement (or in extreme cases, decline to reimburse your costs).

Either way, we’ll update your sizing to reflect these changes for your next order to ensure you don’t need to make any adjustments to subsequent orders.

Adjustments on Subsequent Reorders

Think your fit has changed, but want to reorder? Your best bet is to send us three photos (front, side, back in a natural pose) of yourself in your garments that need updating so that we can recommend changes to your fit profile. Our team is always happy to help provide fit guidance to ensure a seamless, easy reordering experience.

You may also go through the measurements wizard to update your fit in the event you have more dramatic changes.

If you still need minor adjustments to your new fit, please follow the above processes for alterations. Please note that we’re unable to reimburse for alterations on orders where necessary fit changes are not implemented prior to ordering.


Please note that due to the custom nature of your garments, all orders are final sale—we can’t just put your order back on the rack to re-sell like a typical retail company, and we really hate wasting materials that can’t be easily reused or repurposed.

However, we know there’s always a risk when ordering online. Color can show up differently depending on the device or monitor settings you use, and fabrics have certain intricacies that are tough to see in-person.

For that reason, if you’re ever on the edge about a fabric, or are making a decision for a big day and you don’t want to risk it, reach out to and we’ll provide advice, additional photos in different lighting, or even offer to mail swatches if we have them.

Shop confidently knowing that we have your back when it comes to making the right call.