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The Ultimate Wet Shaving Guide

With November coming to a close, a lot of guys are itching to get out the razors and shave off those Movember mustaches and beards. We mean literally itching to do it because facial hair can be a bit itchy in the early stages. So if you’re ready for a shave, you’re not alone.

If you’re out of practice, consider this a refresher in how to get the cleanest shave ever, the classic wet shave. Don’t go hacking away at your scruff with the latest gizmo. Start with a quick lesson in wet shaving. Wet shaving not only gives you a great shave, but it also helps you save a few bucks.

For those who’ve already mastered the wet shave, there’s always room for improvement. We’ll guide you through upgrading to your best shave ever with a few key tips and tricks even the sharpest shavers can use.

So start the holiday season with a clean slate and a clean shave.

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