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The 5 Best Travel Accessories for Men

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The Best Travel Accessories For Men On The Move

“Now Boarding Flight 331 to *insert hometown here*”

It’s that time of the year again.

Whether you’re getting ready to jet-set across the country for an important meeting, or you’re planning to join the family festivities (or skip it in favor of a well earned actual vacation), you’re gearing up to be out-of-office for a few. And while air travel of any sort can result in unforeseeable airport shenanigans, air travel during the holiday rush can be its own circle of hell, even if you’re wearing your favorite suit.

What if we told you that with a bit of careful planning, you could make this experience a little less miserable? You’d do it, right? Lucky for you, we’ve selected a few of our favorite travel accessories for men to have before they even step foot on the plane. We consider these travel accessories must-haves for any type of traveler, but if you’re a frequent flier, these are especially critical for you, so take note!

Here are 5 of the best travel accessories for men that are on the move:

1. Bluetooth Headphones

traveling accessories for men wireless earphones

We know this may ruffle some traditionalist feathers, but these are a game-changer. Gone are the days of obscenely difficult to untangle headphone wires (just how do they get so tangled!) or the obscenely large earbuds or “around-the-neck” solution that looks like something out of a 90s sci-fi flick. The latest generation of wireless headphones are sleek, pair quickly thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 hardware, and have even solved for the biggest consumer complaint about wireless headphones – poor battery life – often going for as long as 5 hours without a charge (that’s almost an entire cross-country flight in case you’re counting).

Sure, you could splurge on the Airpods from Apple. We hear they sound decent and they certainly look nice (and a bit ubiquitous at this point judging by what we see in the NYC subways). But they’re certainly not the best tech you can get if you’re willing to spend a little. We suggest you try the Sony WF1000XM3 (Sony could take some lessons from the folks at Cupertino on branding) wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

The black and gold version is as aesthetically pleasing as it is sophisticated. For starters, the left and right earbuds can each be paired with your smartphone independently. Why would you want that? In case you’re on a marathon call and your batteries are running low, you can pop one earbud into its case for a quick charge (10 minutes charge gets you another 90 minutes of use time) while you continue on with the call using the other earbud. Nifty eh? Pair that with its 6 hour listening time (8 hours without noise cancellation – yeah it’s got that too) and these are arguably some of the best in-ear headphones money can buy.

2. Portable Battery

traveling accessories for men portable battery

Okay, we’re not blowing your mind here, but if you’re traveling without a portable battery, you’re doing it wrong. In the airport world, nothing can be certain, except for the competition for an open charging outlet.

That’s why a portable battery (also known as a power bank) is one of the smartest travel accessories out there. Portable batteries are small and convenient to carry and can hold more than double your phone’s full charge. We’d recommend getting a free-standing model rather than one that’s built-in to your carry-on luggage. Most airlines require you to take that sucker out of the luggage before boarding anyways. We also suggest you aim for one with at least 10,000 mAh in capacity. We like this well-reviewed one from Anker – it can hold up to four times your phone’s battery life and then some. 

3. A Dopp Kit

As far as toiletries go, men typically have it pretty easy. Instead of the myriad of tubes, tubs, sticks, bottles, and sprays that women sometimes have to lug around, you’ve just got to pack a few items relating to keeping your pearly whites clean and the hairs on your face groomed. And for the frequent travelers amongst us, having to remember to swipe these things from your bathroom counter every trip is a pain. If you forget, you’re down to using the dreaded single-use razors offered by the hotel which, let’s just say, is not preferable if you like your skin. This is why having a compact travel kit ready to go at all times is a key travel accessory for men.

Harry’s Travel Kit includes a razor, travel-size shave gel and comes in a handsome Dopp kit bag to house said razor and shave gel (and your toothbrush and toothpaste). Harry’s is known for top-quality blades and creams, so you’ll be getting one of the best on-the-go shaves out there.

traveling accessories for men dopp kit with shaving gel and razor

4. TSA Pre-Check

Not a travel accessory you say? Maybe not, technically, but it can’t be understated how much TSA Pre will change your life if you are a frequent flyer. If you’re a once-a-year flyer for holidays, this may not be worth it financially, but still, something to consider before you go. Let’s be honest, most of your travel worries center around the TSA in some way; “Can I take this through security?”, “Do I really need to take my belt off in public?”, “Are there holes in my socks?”, “Will I make it through in time for my flight?”

One or more of these questions have most likely popped into your head before while going through security check at the airport. Anything that makes this process easier is welcome on this list. 

TSA Pre is a subscription service that makes your security experience easier and faster. 

The perks:

  1. You’ll have a dedicated TSA Precheck line apart from the plebs 
  2. You get to keep your shoes on
  3. You’ll leave electronics and toiletries in your bag
  4. The shorter line and easier procedure means you’ll often be in-and-out of there in five minutes or less (perfect for everyone who loves a dramatic last-second boarding call) 

Membership in TSA Pre comes at a reasonable $85 for a five-year period. We recommend you spend an extra $15 and get Global Entry instead. It offers all of the same perks as TSA Pre but also gives you the ability to use automated kiosks when returning to the United States from a trip abroad (another big time saver). Both programs require you to fill out an online application followed by an in-person interview. Certain credit cards like the Amex Platinum card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve card will cover the cost of the application fee as part of the card benefits.

traveling accessories for men pre-tsa

5. Neck Pillow/Eye Mask

You’re not alone if you want to catch a couple of winks while you’re in-flight, but the comfort of your bed and the airplane are two different things. An ideal sleeping space doesn’t have you choosing between pitting your knees against the seat in front of you or the knees of the passenger next to you. The sun beaming in through the window (thanks to the window-seat tyrant taking in the sights outside) doesn’t help. And don’t get us started on the laughable amount of recline on your seat.

Worry not, we can help you get that first class upgrade with the full recline seats. Just kidding, we can’t do that. But if there are any travel accessories for men that will help you catch a few z’s on your flight, or train, or bus, it’s the right neck pillow and a sleep mask. 

Lame? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. Once you get past imagining yourself wearing these contraptions, you can turn out the lights and tune out of the world around you. You’ll arrive at your destination city feeling rested, revitalized and sans that weird neck pain you get from sleeping with your head tilted to the side at a 90-degree angle. For the neck pillow, go fancy and get the Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow. Its memory foam allows it to pack up neatly into a small disked travel case, and it’s vented design allows air to circulate around your neck while you’re dosing off so you don’t wake up a sweaty mess. For the sleep mask, keep it simple and go with this comfortable and lightweight option from Alaska Bear made from mulberry silk.

traveling accessories for men eye mask with neck pillow


Now that you know the travel accessories for men that you should pack before you step on the plane, your next trip might suck just a little bit less. Now you can instead just sit back, relax, and prepare your opening statement in the annual politics debate with the rest of your family. 

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