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The Masculine Home – Bachelor Pad Decor


Say the words “bachelor pad” and many people will conjure up one of two images: the frat-house-esque pig sty of a man-child and his über-bro roommates or the sleazy sex palace of some lothario complete with mirrors on the ceiling and a round bed. That’s a shame, because most men (bachelors or not) aspire to much better masculine decor. It’s just that many guys don’t know how to pull it off.

Since most guys value a more livable space over a more designed space, what follows are some practical tips to turning your bachelor pad into a shining example of masculine decor while still making sure that form follows function.

Embrace The Clutter

Clutter is a killer. It can make anyplace look messy. But it’s also a fact of life. Anything you’ve got more than one of can easily become part of a cluttered mess. To fight this off display it. Turn your clutter into a collection. It doesn’t have to be a collection of stamps or rare coins to qualify as a collection.

Take books. Your books can say a lot about you. You’ve probably been gathering them for years. But a hodgepodge of books stacked up on a shelf in a haphazard fashion looks like clutter. Instead, use them to add a little style to your masculine decor. It’s a simple trick but organizing all of your books by color will liven up any wall.

Bachelor pad bookshelf with books organized by color Bachelor pad decor tip - creative clutter

One practitioner of the “everyday objects as collections idea is Zack Motl. The king of creative clutter, his mastery lies in making small spaces feel voluminous, by honing his controlled clutter to broadcast luxurious abundance. Steal one of his classic moves and simply display some of your favorite ties as we have here.

Hang In There

The closet is the easiest place to stow the things you want out of sight and the home to your clothes when you’re not wearing them. But just because they’re stashed away it doesn’t mean your clothes don’t deserve respect. Give your clothes their props by giving your clothes some actual props, wooden hangers. Use broad wooden hangers for suits to maintain the shoulders, and any other style will do for slacks and shirts. Further organize by color/pattern to save precious time in the morning. An organized closet inspires style and offers peace of mind.

Bachelor pad storage tip - use wooden hangers

Work It Out

It’s imperative that you make your workspace yours. You may not be able to change your 9-5 office space much, but having a good home workspace for handling your business in the off hours. Every man needs a good work space whether it’s for hammering out the next great American novel or just your regular bill-paying chores, a smart setup will add a nice touch of masculine decor to any bachelor pad.

Bachelor pad home office

Your desktop is your space to control. That means cherishing negative space (remember what we said about clutter) and creating a mood. Start with a lamp and tailor it to your style. Any of these highlighted in Apartment Therapy would be a good start. We particularly like the retro charm of this Carpenter Lamp from CB2. With it’s butched up clamp bottom and exposed hardware it’s a great choice for bachelor pad workspace.

Curate Your Space

While it’s true, few can elevate bachelor pad decor to the same status as a museum, we can all act like curators. Tastefully displaying your stuff will work wonders for your home. Employ these tips and the rest of your home will have almost as much style as your closet.

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