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Power Through Your Day With These Healthy Office Snacks


Let’s stop with the excuses. Healthy office snacks keep you on top of your game and lookin’ good. We’ve got a few delicious examples for you.

Doughnuts. Americans eat half a billion dollars worth of doughnuts every year, and it’s no secret that they’re a go-to office treat. That office treat may be the quickest fix if you’re running late to a meeting and staaaarving, but all those carbs will make you sleepy and slow—not the optimal performance level for said meeting.

Don’t cave in to the unhealthy snacks from the closest vending machine, drugstore or fast food chain. Not only do they kill your energy, mood, and productivity, they’re just straight up bad for you. Don’t you people want to fit into your custom threads?

Here at Black Lapel, we practice what we preach…most of the time. We have our co-founder drinking green juice in one corner, a stylist snacking on fresh fruit, but there’s also a can of Pringles at one desk that probably won’t last through the next hour. (Nobody’s perfect.)

Luckily we’re friends with the good people behind NatureBox, who not only provide us with healthy office snacks but encourage us to eat well even when we’re not eating their snacks. That’s where the list below comes into play. Check it out and find a healthy office snack that suits you.


Walnuts, almonds, cashews, and more can keep you fueled during a long day at the office. All you need is a handful, so even grab one on your way out of the office to boost your energy before hitting the gym.


Hold the artery clogging butter and easy on the salt, and this may go without saying but no sugary toppings!

Hard-boiled Eggs

An eggcellent (self-directed groan) source of protein that’ll give you high energy at any time during the work day. But, they smell, so at least peel your eggs before you bring them to the office. Sprinkle with pepper and sea salt if you require some flavor.


Bananas top the list for the best energizing fruit, but berries like blueberries or raspberries are easy to eat and contain lots of antioxidants and natural energy. Also try dried fruit, which will last longer in the office.

Protein Bars

KIND Bars, Clif Bars, etc…Find one that you like best and keep a box at the office. Bonus: if your time before a meeting runs out, in many offices, a bar is the only acceptable snack to bring to a meeting.


If cheese is your weakness, you’ve got some fairly healthy options. We recommend the Laughing Cow wedges. They’re low calorie, high fiber, and pack protein into their conveniently packaged cheese wedges—which are extremely office-fridge friendly. They make a great late afternoon snack if you need something that tastes like an indulgence to get you through the rest of your day.


Wasabi Peas. For those who need a snack with a kick, go for wasabi peas. They contain lots of fiber and protein, but make sure you have water on standby.

Snap Peas. We recommend Harvest Snaps. They come in a variety of appealing flavors that all contain lots of protein and are low carb.

Greek Yogurt

Mainly thought of as breakfast, greek yogurt is actually a great snack at any time of the day or in any meal. It’s satisfying (especially when you add in any of the nuts or berries that we mentioned above) and can contain twice as much protein as regular yogurt, among other benefits.


Most healthy with a carrot or celery stick, but if you need a few carbs, you can eat hummus with a low-fat cracker. And no, Ritz crackers are not low-fat. Sabra makes small hummus packs that are perfect for bringing to the office.

Dark Chocolate

We thought we would end things on a high note. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, has all sorts of health benefits. Hey number crunchers, it’s even been proven to help you with your math. Grab a bar and keep it at your desk for the week so you can break a square off when you need it.

Everything in Moderation

Use the above list as a guideline. Like we always say, moderation is key to everything in life. We may have an unofficial company-wide Fried Day on Fridays, but that’s because even moderation should be kept in moderation (and a little Chick-fil-A is good for the soul).

These smart snacks will keep your energy up during the workday and, since you won’t pack on the pounds eating this stuff, they’ll keep you looking sharp in your custom suits too.

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    Good suggestions! Be wary of protein bars though and read the ingredients list. A lot of them can pack more sugar and fat than a Snickers. Yikes!

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      Excellent point, Jovan! If it’s got a label, read it.

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