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Father’s Day Gift Guide

He taught you how to ride a two-wheeler, played catch with you out in the yard on countless summer evenings and cooked up plenty of lip-smacking BBQs for you and the fam’. But more than anything else, he taught you to be the man you are today. So, on Father’s Day, make sure you give Pops a big ol’ hug…along with a practical gift or two.

So while you may have been keeping up on the style blogs and getting “swagged” out on some custom threads, your dad probably needs a style refresh. He may be born during the Don Draper era but he doesn’t dress like those dapper gents from Cooper Draper Pryce. You’ve been telling him to lose the Dad jeans for years…and you can’t help but tease him about his over-sized, clearance rack suit every time you guys find yourself together at a wedding. After all, the last thing you want is for your dad to end up like Al Pacino or Christopher Walken in Stand Up Guys. So while your old man might act like he doesn’t need your help (with anything…ever!), you know that he will certainly appreciate a little sartorial assistance. Use Father’s Day as your excuse to give him some:

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4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Jovan says:

    I like most of these ideas, though the collar links are a bit weird, like a decorative button-down collar? Wurkin Stiffs might be a better choice, IMO. I’d also hesitate to buy Bonobos for my dad — I don’t think his body type would support it!

    1. Black Lapel says:

      Agreed, Wurkin Stiffs are another fine option for keeping those collars in place. The collar links are not for everyone, but it can be a nice functional + decorative touch if coordinated tastefully. As for the Bonobos pants, you can always opt for a pair of straight leg pants instead of the slims that we pictured. We can all agree that any Dad can benefit from better fitting pants, regardless of their body type. (They just might not be able to make it look as good as we can!)

    2. Tom Stainberg says:

      Kudos to you black Lapel for such a Blog, that being said, I love the Father’s Day gift guide. Please tell me, what is the average turnaround for a suit? BTW, the boxers are HOT! As far as the Collar buttons; with all due respect to Jovan I have to say “To each its own”, I for one did not like Wurkin Stiffs and after reading this blog I ordered a set of Collar buttons and Creed perfume and very much like the Netflix like idea 🙂 I worn the buttons last week to a business convention and got nothing but complements as well as people asking how to get them. I like attention and to be honest I never got a complement about my shirt collar looking neat with Wurkin Stiffs ” Nice Collar!” Not at all. Most guys in my line of work have a neat collar so I don’t like to blend in. Keep up the great work guys and please let me know about the suit.

      1. Black Lapel says:

        Tom, glad you enjoyed our guide! The average turnaround on our suits is 4 weeks. And we promise, you won’t blend in with “most guys” in one of our custom suits. 😉

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