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Can You Wear Brown Shoes With Black Pants?

man wearing brown shoes with a black suit with text reading "Can you wear brown shoes with black pants?"

Brown Shoes With Black Pants — Matching Your Colors

Most guys know the rules when it comes to matching their dress pants with dress shoes. Black pants go with black shoes, and khaki and navy pants go with brown shoes. Simple rules you’ve lived by all your life. But we’re here to tell you – those rules are due for a grown man upgrade. Let’s talk about a couple of less common combinations like brown shoes with black pants that don’t just “work” but look stylish AF

Wearing Brown Shoes with Black Pants

man wearing brown blazer and black suit paints paired with medium brown shoes

So, can you wear brown shoes with black pants

The answer, of course, is yes. You, sharp reader, might have assumed that already since the image above shows this black pant brown shoe combination being done quite tastefully. Yes, brown shoes with black pants have the go-ahead from us, as it is a handsome way to diversify your looks and open up new pairing possibilities beyond the tried and true black pants black shoe combo that is feeling and looking a bit tired. There are a few key things to note when pulling off this look, however.

Brown Shoes With Black Pants — Pointers


  • Do try different shades of medium to dark brown. Darker is easier but medium brown shades like walnut (pictured above) require a careful balancing of colors in the overall outfit.
  • Do try this look beyond just suits. The color combinations work just as well with black or dark navy denim.


  • Don’t try this combination with tan or light brown shoes. The contrast is too high here and would be difficult to bring balance to your overall look even with similar tones in your upper body.
  • Don’t wear a black belt with brown shoes. Always match your shoes and belt.

Wearing Oxblood Shoes with a Navy Suit

man wearing navy suit with oxblood shoes

Oxblood shoes feature a gorgeous dark red hue that is just a magnificent sight to behold. They’re also intimidating to some when it comes to figuring out how to match them with the right pair of navy pants.

We’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you think. In fact, chances are, you already have the perfect pair of pants in your closet. That’s right – your trusty basic navy dress pant is the perfect complement to this sartorial wonder. Like before, a few pointers… 

Oxblood Shoes With Navy Pants — Pointers


  • Do mix some red tones into another part of your outfit. Oxblood has a natural affinity with navy but if everything else is black and white, the shoes are going to stick out too much. Introduce another dark red color like maroon in pocket square or tie as we did with the look above
  • Do try this same look with charcoal instead of navy. Most of what we say here applies just as well to charcoal or dark gray pair of pants.
  • Do keep your oxblood shoes in good condition with some proper care. They’re a wonderfully unique and elegant color, which means they’ll draw a few more glances than your run-of-the-mill dress shoe.


  • Don’t go overboard with a strong suit pattern. You’ve already got a winner on your team – a simple solid navy will do well here. Introducing a highly visible pattern will come across as trying a bit too hard and will compete with the oxblood shoes for attention.

Season to Taste

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to experiment with these combinations. Want even more color-combining expertise? Of course, you do! Learn the best suit colors to add to your wardrobe, brown suit color combinations, or how to choose your accessory colors! 

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