Q: “I absolutely loved your Eldredge knot post! I’ve been looking for more unique knots like it ever since and came across something called the “Trinity Knot” which also looks really cool. Can you please have an “Ask a Black Lapel Stylist” post teaching us how to tie this one?” – Eric K.

A: We’re glad you liked the Eldredge knot! And as much as we love the classics like the four-in-hand and Windsor knot, its always fun to mix things up once in awhile with a knot like the Eldredge. Now, the Trinity knot is not as tricky as the Eldredge so if you consider yourself an Eldredge veteran already, this should be a breeze! Let’s dive right in:

1. Set the tie around your neck, leaving the big end at the point you want at your belt loop. The Trinity knot is tied with the little end (like the Eldredge).

2. Bring the little end over and under the big end through the loop.

3. Bring it over the top of the loop and put it through on the same side.

4. Go around the back of the hanging end to the other side.

5. Bring the end over the left side of the loop.

6. Bring it behind to the right side of the loop.

7. Bring the end horizontally over the knot (keep it loose).

8. Bring the little end through the loop, over the knot and down through the horizontal loop that was created in step 7.

Break: You got through the hardest part, so take a deep breath and a sip of water.  Homestretch baby!  

9. Bring the end around the back to your left side (keep it loose).

10. Bring the little end through the top loop.

11. Hide the remaining little end of the tie behind your loop.

12. Congratulations! Brush your shoulder off because you just completed the Trinity knot. Now stand tall, smile and be prepared to accept tons of compliments because no one else is rocking this!



– Remember that tie knots like the Trinity or Eldredge are extremely memorable so should be worn sparingly in the right occasion or setting (e.g. a wedding or a party). If you haven’t already, get acquainted with the classics (four-in-hand, Windsor) before indulging in the more exotic head-turners such as the Trinity.

– This tie knot works best with a classic or narrow spread (point) collar vs. a wider spread collar.

– Always be confident when wearing a unique knot such as this and remember, you got this!

What are your thoughts on the Trinity Knot? Share your comments and questions below! Need a tie to tie it with? Try the Black Lapel Solid Gray Tie


Photo Credit: Alex Krasny